Operating in a highly complex and increasingly competitive market, Praxent is  a standout Austin-based software developer that seeks to meet the unrecognised needs of its clients

Praxent works closely with clients to deliver heavy-lifting back-end business software solutions in user-centred web and mobile apps. The company’s calling card is a suite of proprietary software development tools. An ‘experience-it-before-you-build-it’ prototyping platform, a project scope and budget spending analytics tool and an agile software development process work in concert so that clients can make adjustments as their business goals change

Market research has revealed that 68% of software development projects fail. With this in mind, Praxent offers clients an unparalleled level of certainty over project outcomes. In delivering this level of assurance Praxent’s service is ‘commanding’ in every sense. Accordingly, and with intrinsic software and hardware associations, the brand identity hinges on the command symbol of the Apple desktop operating system. This well-known symbol is also four seamlessly interconnected Ps and forms the basis of a distinctive visual messaging system

This level of control over software development projects means a commanding proposition for clients, making Praxent not only a dynamic and highly skilled business partner but a safe pair of hands. Praxent delivers credibly on their brandline ‘software that’s for sure’