Flairosol is a trigger-actuated aerosol technology that has numerous advantages over conventional aerosols and other trigger-based products. It produces a high quality sprayed mist, which is equivalent to conventional aerosols but without the associated environmental damage caused by conventional propellant gasses

The spray is continuous and particularly useful in 360° applications, which neither aerosols or other trigger-based technologies can match. The noise level is comparatively low and this is necessary in applications such as horse care and preferable in other applications. Without the need for pressurised containers and harmful propellant gasses customers benefit from easy filling. The product is completely isolated by an inner bag, which means it’s unadulterated and can be evacuated close to 100%

Positioned as a premium product at a higher price point than conventional aerosols and other trigger-based products Flairosol often transforms product experiences and revitalises established brands

Capturing these superior qualities and also implying praise for customer product solutions but without signalling direct competition with commoditised aerosol markets the line ‘fine solutions delivery’ offers an alternative way to lead the category. The brand-idea ‘mistify’ literally describes what the product does and is also a play on ‘mystify’, which suggests that the Flairosol experience is magical