Most consumers aren’t aware of the perks and benefits offered by credit cards, employer reward schemes and various other memberships to which they’re entitled. This is largely because perks and benefits are often buried in small print or time-boxed promotional campaigns go unnoticed

Caju is a notification platform that lets users know what perks are available to them in realtime. The mobile app is location-aware and has the option to let consumers know what perks would be available in a location, if they held a specific credit card or belonged to a particular membership or employer scheme

Filtered by category, location and membership, Caju empowers users to uncover treasures that would otherwise remain hidden. Inspired by the cache of an internet browser, which is where digital cookies are stored, the name Caju means ‘cashew’ in various non-English speaking cultures

The name and brand identity play on the relationship between cache and cashew. The C is made up of a stylised cashew nut that forms part of a circular device that is active online. The idea is that Caju works tirelessly in the background uncovering cached perks and presents them as treasures to be taken advantage of when all the necessary conditions have been met

Caju’s service demonstrates that knowledge is power. It pays consumers to know when and where perks are available. This enables users to get the best value from participating merchants, which, effectively, saves money