Bzar was born from unique insights into dropshipping practices of the fashion industry. Warehouses often store excess, end-of-line and out-of-season stock that cannot be sold directly. Potential reputation erosion from alternate routes to market and the hassle of setting up and managing reputable secondary sales outlets often means that this stock remains unsold

Bzar is a full service supplementary e-commerce service and supply chain solutions provider that can identify and turn warehoused stock into profit. The service offer is deeply embedded within established e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, benefitting from millions of customers looking for good deals. Not only expert in e-commerce marketplaces, Bzar also handles seamlessly the marketing, logistics, payments and customer support for clients. Moreover, the service doesn’t cost a penny until items are sold

With ambitions far beyond servicing business clients who have warehousing and logistical requirements, and given the questionable corporate practices among some mass market e-commerce providers, Bzar has the potential to become the ethical alternative British e-commerce marketplace

To symbolise the business of fulfilment a container brand couldn’t be more suited. Quality constrained but otherwise limitless variations of symbolic consumer and product-related content fills the Bzar brandmark. The brandline, fulfilling brands, capitalises on the concept of inspiration and satisfaction from within, which is best expressed in the universal notion of personal fulfilment