Autoglass® BodyRepair is a mobile bodyshop that’s geared entirely towards the convenience of customers. From simple, easy access quotes to personalised timeslots wherever customers are situated in the UK: what you see is what you get. No quibble. No hassle. No fuss. When it comes to repairing minor vehicle body damage where customers are, this service is as frictionless as it gets

Previously known as Autorestore, this innovative venture belongs to the same group of companies as Autoglass®, which is a high profile UK screen replacement and repair service. Market research found that new customers are indifferent to the Autorestore brand and immediately more keen and trusting when the service is associated with Autoglass®

As small and nimble bodyshops catch up to the pioneering business created by Autorestore, minor body repair that’s also mobile is fast becoming the industry standard. This means that it makes more sense to capitalise on the Autoglass® brand rather than attempting to raise awareness of Autorestore through costly promotional campaigns

Unambiguously, the new name ‘does what it says on the tin’ and the new identity focuses on the highly personalised aspect of the service, which is captured in the ‘high tech touch’ brand-idea. The symbol is a fluid lowercase ‘b’ that alludes to panels and bumpers, layers of paint and the reforming body repair materials used in restoration. The symbol is also used as quotation marks to suggest that the business is focussed on personal dialogue, not only with customers but also with colleagues and technicians